About Chad

wpid-IMG_0014.JPGWho am I?

I can tell you my name — it’s Chad — but it might not really say much about what I’m like.

It fails to denote that I grew up reading comic books and fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and the brothers Grimm. It doesn’t say that I idolize Jose Rizal, J.R.R. Tolkien, Pablo Neruda, Paulo Coelho, Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein, Basho, and last but not the least, Wislawa Szymborska.

Certainly, the name is just not enough to tell you all those information.

Often, I judge people by what they do, so I would like to be judged the same way, too. What do I do? I write. Mostly, I write stories — fantasy, horror, inspirational ones — and that’s what I would like to post on this blog. Occasionally, I write poetry, which was actually my first love. Feel free to browse through Kraken’s Ink so that you could know me more.