Scheme and Theme for February 2013

I have so many tasks left undone because my computer got busted. For one, I was supposed to publish another story for the Ivory Tower chronicles, but I was not able to last weekend. I also wanted to post something about and for my online class, but I can’t. It — my inability to get my PC fixed — is starting to get on my nerves, and I can’t do anything until the next pay day comes.

Thank god for my android phone and my cousin’s laptop!

It’s February, and I planned a lot of things this month. I had an outline of posts already that are all centered around love, which is the theme that I chose for this month. It’s cliche — I know! But hey, pocket books still sell and love songs still dominate the airwaves, so yes, I’m sticking with my guns. I just hope that I can get the PC fixed this weekend so that I could get a lot of posts out that’s all about love. I’m hoping to migrate an old love story into Kraken’s Ink, and write new ones, too. To keep this fresh, I plan to look for uncommon ideas about love, but it might be easier said than done.

I’ll still continue migrating my old compositions into this blog, but for the moment — or more exactly for this month — I’ll be writing about love. Stay tuned!


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