PC Problem

I was planning to watch a movie on my computer. I turned it on, but it seemed to have gotten stuck somewhere while loading the operating system — much like what happens to me when I try to get water and suddenly, someone calls my name. Like what happens to me, it derailed its train of thought and failed to finish what it was supposed to do. So the plan to watch a movie remained a plan, and I’m without a computer.

I didn’t feel the full force of this loss until my phone beeped at me. The reminder on my phone said, “Online classes start tomorrow!” I know that I’ll definitely find a way to manage my classes: I could just use my office computer; I could rent one in a shop; I could borrow my cousin’s laptop. That’s me trying to be the guy that looks at a glass half full but I’m really feeling that it’s half empty.

I might sound cliche, ugh but here goes nothing — my computer and I have already been through so much since 2006, and I can’t bear the thought of losing it. We’ve made and killed so many blogs together. We’ve stayed up late to read, write, watch movies, and even design blog themes. It knows all my passwords, too, so I rely on it so much. It’s like my best friend if I didn’t have one already.

There’s so much to be done and so little time and money for me to use and this happened.

Can anyone tell me how to fix it?


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