First Offering

I first heard about the phrase “ivory tower” when I was in a religious high school. Every afternoon, we had to pray the Angelus, and it was part of the litany to the blessed virgin Mary. I thought that it was just one of her epithets. I didn’t bother to learn about it then, but when I researched about it, I was struck by its meaning.

According to Wikipedia, ivory tower refers to “a world or atmosphere where intellectuals engage in pursuits that are disconnected from the practical concerns of everyday life.” I was amazed to know that there’s a term for how I’ve been acting, so I felt inspired to write a story about it. Since I was not as inventive then, I just called it “The Legend of the Ivory Tower.”

As the title suggests, it’s a legend, and it’s about an ivory tower. It features a boy who’s obsessed with knowledge, which leads to his incarceration within the ivory tower. After that initial post, I realized that there’s so much potential in the material, so it became an unfinished series. I’m reposting the series here as part of my first line of posts because I didn’t feel that it got read by many when my world revolved around Blogger. I hope that you’ll like it, and soon, I’ll schedule the rest of the stories within that series to come out weekly. Please click The Legend of the Ivory Tower to start reading!


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